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Judges have the following to say about Eric Max’s mediations:

I wish to register the appreciation of our entire court for the extraordinarily innovative, productive and inspired mediation services performed by [...] Eric R. Max. This is effective public service in its most distinguished form.
— U.S. Federal Court Judge

My staff tells me that you have pulled off another major success by settling the above case. Anyone who can persuade twenty-five doctors to agree on anything is a master mediator in my book. Your perseverance and hard work has greatly assisted the United States District Court.
— U.S. Magistrate Judge

It is a tribute to the skill and superhuman patience of the mediator, Mr. Max, that out of it all agreement was obtained. When things looked bleak I spurred the parties on, telling them that I intended to mediate until the last drop of Eric Max’s blood. We didn’t need the last drop of his blood, just a great deal of it.
— U.S. Federal Court Judge

Congratulations on your excellent and speedy resolution of this complex and serious product liability case. You saved the litigants and the court the burdens of a two to three week trial. I am grateful for your help.
— State Court Judge

I wish to take this opportunity to bring to your attention the invaluable assistance rendered to the Court […] by Eric Max. This was a very complex case with significant public consequences. Mr. Max fast tracked it and had the parties together and working within a week. He was relentless and brought all of his considerable skills to bear. I am delighted to advise that the parties reported last week that not only the entire dispute has been resolved but that a new prospective agreement has been reached. Clearly the result obtained by Mr. Max was a home-run for the parties, the public and the system. Again, my gratitude.
— State Court Judge

I was confident that if anyone could settle this case, in which emotions were running high between the two attorneys, it would be you.
— State Court Judge

Again you have been an enormous help in resolving very complex environmental matters. I know the attorneys have expressed to you their appreciation. They talk to me about your fairness, your energy and dedication…You do great work and I wish to thank you.
— State Court Judge


Lawyers, doctors, and managers have the following to say about Eric Max’s trainings:

Eric Max is an excellent instructor; engaging and informative! He has a great approach which makes the material interesting. The role-plays were great and the instructor was great!

Clone Eric Max! Best CLE training I have attended!

Lots of interaction and discussion; great practical tips on how to negotiate. The case studies and role-playing were invaluable!

Excellent hand-on course. Loved the practice exercises intermixed with participants own experiences.

Thanks for coming to our firm so that we had the privilege to attend your training. The program was excellent, and your insights were invaluable.

Everything was great. Got a good idea on how to negotiate, and how listening can help a lot in negotiating. Thanks to the speaker for awesome sessions.

I loved this. Not only was it informative but it was super fun. Eric’s teaching style is amazing.